The Effectiveness of chiropractic manipulative therapy and Spidertech therapy in the treatment of chronic neck pain

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Purpose: This study aims to compare the effects of Chiropractic manipulative therapy of the cervical spine in conjunction with SpiderTech therapy in the treatment of chronic neck pain with regards to pain, disability and cervical spine range of motion.


This study consisted of two groups of 15 participants between the ages of eighteen and forty, ensuring equal male to female and age ratios. The potential participants were examined and accepted according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria.  The method of treatment administered to each participant was determined by group allocation. Group 1 received chiropractic manipulative therapy to restriction(s) of the cervical spine, with the SpiderTech Neck Spider applied to the posterior aspect of the neck. Group received chiropractic manipulative therapy to restriction(s) of the cervical spine only.


Treatment consisted of 6 treatment sessions with an additional follow up consultation, with two consultations being performed per week interval. Subjective data and objective data was taken at the beginning of the first, fourth and seventh sessions. The subjective data collected was in the form of a Numerical Pain Rating Scale and a Vernon- Mior Neck Pain and Disability Index. Objective data consisted of cervical spine range of motion readings taken using a Cervical Range of Motion measuring instrument (CROM). Analysis of collected data was performed by a statistician. The Chiropractic manipulative techniques used were based on restrictions identified during motion palpation and were applied at the first six consultations, with the seventh consultation consisting of data gathering only.


Statistically significant changes were noted in group 1 and group 2 with reference to pain and disability, and in group 1 and group 2 with reference to cervical spine range of motion. Clinically significant improvements in group 1 and group 2 were noted over the duration of the study with reference to pain, disability and cervical spine range of motion. However, the combined treatment group (group 1) had a clinically greater effect than that of the manipulation only group.


The results show that both Chiropractic manipulative therapy, as well as Chiropractic manipulation in conjunction with the SpiderTech Neck Spider are effective treatment protocols in decreasing pain and disability and increasing cervical spine range of motion in patients with chronic neck pain. However, neither treatment protocol proved to be preferential. When compared to Chiropractic manipulative therapy alone, SpiderTech therapy in conjunction with Chiropractic manipulative therapy has a clinically larger effect on neck pain, disability and range of motion of the cervical spine.


To view the full research paper, please follow this link.

Research by: Uria, Craig Jonathon

Dr Dampier

Dr Dampier

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